When are my live classes?

Watch 2 helpful videos by clicking here (part 1 & part 2).  They will guide you in the steps to find your child’s live schedule.  Please not that schedules were also made in your child’s pod group.

1) Get your child’s program from the parent or child pupilpath account

2) Match the subject area to the day of the week, for example English and Spanish are on Mondays; Social Studies, Health, & AP Stats meet on Tuesdays; etc.  The live instruction schedule can be found by clicking here: Live Instruction Schedule

3) Match the course code and section to find the date & time it meets.

4) Log into Google Classroom to find the “Google meet” link to visit your live classroom!

Questions?  Make an appointment with Ms. Zukerman by clicking here, or email administration: Mr. Premo, Ms. Garfield, Mr. Torres, Ms. Dowridge

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