Seward Park Campus Library

The library website is:
The website has information for SORA, public library ecards, databases and additional resources to support student learning.
SORA is the new user-friendly app that can be accessed through a laptop, phone or tablet. It empowers students to enjoy eBooks and audio books from their school, from the DOE and from the New York City public libraries.
Download the SORA app or navigate to on your browser.
1.Click the link “I have a set up code”
2.Enter the setup code “NYC schools”
3.Click the green button “get started”– you will be prompted to sign into your school by clicking the green button “sign in using NYC Department of Education“.
4..Sign in with your NYCODE login and password.


Click the link at the top to access FREE materials from the Seward Park Library, run by Joanann Chovnick:

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