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our teachers & staff

yg fix

Yetta Garfield

Assistant Principal /
Supervisor of Special Education

Everyday is an adventure working with teenagers. Their resilience, imagination, inquisitive nature and boundless energy give me hope for our future.


Staff-Fontanez Daisy

Daisy Fontanez

Acting Principal
Staff-Torres David

David Torres

Seward Park Athletic Director

It is my privilege to serve young people and guide them to make informed decisions as they navigate through life.

Staff-Lachnit Andreas

Andreas Lachnit

Math Teacher
Staff-Banaag Alexie

Alexie Banaag

Science Teacher

Timothy Smith

Social Studies Teacher

Alexandra Gutierrez

weese fix

Erik Weese

Social Studies Teacher

Christopher Ahearn

English Teacher
cp fix
Christine Priore
Speech & Language Pathologist
td fix

Thandi Dowridge

Guidance/College Counselor
milly fix

Millie Roque-Escobar

library fix

Joanann Chovnick

Staff-Ferrer Sorayah

Sorayah Ferrer

Substance Abuse Prevention Specialist
Staff-Miller Harry

Harry Miller

Music Teacher
Staff-Kotis George

George Kotis

Social Studies Teacher

Christy Colvin

ELA Teacher
gupta fix

Rashmi Gupta

Special Education Science Teacher
ulrich fix

William Ulrich

Physical Education Teacher

Robert Otero

Special Education English Teacher
dm. english

Damarias Moore

English Teacher

Taisha Perez

Parent Coordinator / Attendance
shari fixx

Shari Morris

Community Associate/ / Procurment
Michelle Zalph

Michelle Zalph

School Secretary
Staff-Noh Yoobin

Yoobin Noh

Math Teacher
Staff-Stillman Josh

Josh Stillman

Special Education English Teacher
Staff-Malasarte Kylie

Kylie Malasarte

Earth Science Teacher
julie fix

Julie Roinos

Art Teacher
feldman fix

Jen Feldman

Social Studies Teacher

Miles Dijan

Science Teacher

Jose Tavares

Guidance Counselor
star fixx

Starr Felicier

Social Worker
Taz Fix

Tazwell Durant

Restorative Justice Coordinator/ SPOC
jose fix

Jose Garcia

School Aide Supervisor
evante fix

Evante Perez

School Aide